Legend of NoName - The Game

The next gamedev vlog is out.

This time it covers the process of me participating in a gamejam and making a complete game in less than 48 hours.

I hope you enjoy it. You can get the game itself here:

So, I participated in my first gamejam ever, the SummerGameJam and despite having only 35 hours at my disposal instead of 48 I am quite pleased whith how it turned out.

You are invited to come and play.

And here is part 3 of my gamedev vlog. Talking a bit about random dungeons and making thos square rooms a little bit more interesting.

The making of  an enemy in Legend of NoName.

Took about 3.5 hours to do it + video editing, rendering etc.

Hope you guys like it :P

The gamedev-summer-vlog has officially been started.

Since I have so much time on my hands for actually doing something I thought this might be more entertaining that just screenshots and writeups. So there will be just some videos and also you can hear me struggle talking to noone but myself :D

Hope you enjoys it.

I really like how the grassland/woods battles are shaping up. Hope you like them too :P

I really like how the grassland/woods battles are shaping up. Hope you like them too :P

It´s been a while …

since I posted something here.

But with the last month of this semester it has been a lot of stress and studying.

As of now there are just two weeks of work ahead of me (so that I can support myself for the month to come) and then it´s 4 full weeks of gamedev.

I´m really looking forward to getting stuff done and getting this game close to completion. It´s been far too long and finally we will see this game get done.

Trying something new with enemy design.

Trying something new with enemy design.

Finally, pictures …

A few days ago I bragged about how the AI-Snake was done and finally, there are pictures of it.

So this is it:

It´s an Arduino Uni microcontroller with whooping:

  • 2 kb  SRAM
  • 32kb flash memory
  • a 16 Mhz CPU

With some wires, a 8x8 LED matrix and ~ 1000 lines of code it became the AI-Snake :D


It gets a bit messy with a length of 20+ though.


And all that was created here at my (overly messy because of finals) desk:


Even though it is a project for school it feels good finishing it (and proving my teacher that it is very well possible to do that with 2kb of RAM).

There where no A*-Algorithms hurt in the making of these pictures :D

Hope you enjoy these pictures and tell me what you think of it.

AI-Snake is DONE!

Will post some pictures and a roundup once I get my camera back.